Thursday, October 7, 2010

don't say yes, run away now - six

I jerked out of Taylor's grip and rubbed my pulsing wrist, "Taylor, what do you want?"

"What the hell are you doing with Kenny?"

"Why does it matter to you? You've been awfully whiny everytime Kenny comes around, it's bothering me."

He slowly licked his lower lip as he found the words to say. I watched him eagerly as his blue eyes wondered all over.

"It's not a simple explanation. I just like you and I guess I was jealous of Kenny."

My heart stopped as I stared at him, "You were jealous of Kenny?"

"Yeah. He beat me to the punch. He seemed to like you more than I did."

"Nothing is serious right now. I don't want anything serious. I came back here to live with my dad."

"But you kissed Kenny."

"Cause, I like him. Why can't you see that?"

"Well what do you think of me?"

I breathed deeply and look past his shoulder, "I kinda like you too. I don't know anymore. I can either do without or decide."

"It seems like have made up your mind."

"Maybe I have."

During the second period, the spits were up 4-2 against the Kitchener Rangers. I was right behind the bench and avoided looking at Taylor everytime he came back from a line change. Funny thing was, he made my heart race as much as Kenny did. Fuck, what was I going to do. Stay with Kenny and hurt Taylor? Tell Kenny we can't be together to make Taylor happy, but I'll hurt Kenny. Either way I felt miserable.

There was 4 minutes left in the period, and Kitchener got caught on a sloppy line change and were charged with a too many men call. About 45 seconds into the penalty, Cam Fowler passed the puck to Taylor and he fired a shot that blindsided the Kitchener goalie. The entire arena erupted as he skated back to the bench. Our eyes locked for what felt like an eternity, and it felt like the sounds of the arena melted away from my ears. My breathing was deeper as I watched him mouth 'that was for you' before he went back to centre ice.

Now what was I supposed to do?


    i can totally see him saying "that was for you"
    i'm dead right now

    totally team taylor, just saying
    loveee thisss :)

  2. Awwwwwwww Taylor, you stud!! Great update

  3. In true Taylor Hall fashion,
    scores a beautiful goal, then
    impresses all the ladies. Wow.

    I think she should end up with
    Kenny, cuz Taylor's all mine.

    Awesome post!

  4. I definitely love Kenny, don't get me wrong, but how can any girl deny Taylor? At least Taylor admitted that he liked her and was jealous of Kenny instead of keeping everything a secret.

    Whoa, Taylor saying "That was for you," was super cute. He is too freaking adorable. I wonder what Ally is going to do after that.

    Great update. Can't wait for the next chapter.